OpenGL Project Ideas

OpenGL Project Ideas, Here I am describing 75+ OpenGL Project ideas. Some of them are actual OpenGL Project Ideas and some are Simple OpenGL Programs, But These OpenGL Project ideas will be helpful to design and create a new OpenGL Project ideas.

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OpenGL Project Ideas, Computer Graphics Project Ideas.

OpenGL Project Ideas


Introduction and Description to OpenGL

OpenGL programming can be done in Visual Studio(IDE), Dev Cpp etc.Project contains introduction to various parts of the OpenGL likes syntax, reason behind using them.

This project will also describe the detailed setting up of visual studio for the development of the openGL programs basically called pre requirements

We will talk about various application of openGL.

Primitives data types of openGL

Detailed description of the primitives data type’s syntax of the openGL for eg. GL_LINES, GL_POINTS.

There are a lot of primitives types in this section and discussing them in brief and later on discussing each and every part in detailed.

Various advantages and disadvantages of using them and which will be more reliable using and its applications.


Drawing a Point in OpenGL

Description of the most basic data type of all from openGL.Detailed description of drawing a point(Algorithm behind it if there).

Various functions related to the point specifications and also the conformational changes related to the point. Also description about point stripes.


Drawing a Line in OpenGL

Description of algorithms used while programming and drawing line in openGL along with specification of a line for eg linewidth, linecaps etc.

Explanation of various functions related to the line drawings specifically line characteristics For example for changing line width we use glLineWidth function etc.

Various types of lines aliased and antialiased and types of line stipple.


Drawing Circle in OpenGL

Description of algorithms used while making circle in openGL and choosing the efficient one For eg MidPoint Circle or Bresenham’s Circle Algorithm etc.

Discussion about making a circle with primitives data types(GL_CIRCLE) for both filled and unfilled circles.

Description of making circle using triangle fan data types.


Drawing a Polygon in OpenGL

Detailed description of making a polygon and use of various primitives data types like GL_POLYGON and also finding efficient algorithm for making Polygon

Demonstration of texturing and filling different different types of polygons.

Discussing different types of polygons like Concave and Convex polygons.


Transformation in OpenGL

Discussing the meaning of tranformation that is change in either its position or its conformation

With respect to reference point with help of eg like circle lines point etc.

Discussing various types of views of the transformation such as modelview and projectionview and detailed description of functions related to them.

Various get methods of transformation like glDepthRange() etc

Discussing transformational functions like glRotatef(), glScalef() ,gluLookAt(), glTranslatef() etc.


3D Transformation in OpenGl

Discussion about the differentiation in 2D and 3D viewport and also on the basis of various factors of transformation like rotation, translation and scaling

Takiing about various operation like rotation ,translation and scaling done on object may be any 3D polygon and analyzing changes.


Key Interaction in OpenGL

Discussing and detail description of the meaning of keyinteraction and introduction to various key interaction functions.

Various functions of the keyinteraction will be discussed which are key up, key press and key buffering.

glutKeyboardUpFunc(keyUp); is the main function responsible for calling the  function definition.


Mouse Interaction in OpenGL

Discussing and detail description about meaning of mouseinteraction and introduction to various mouse interaction functions in openGL.

For eg glutMouseFunc(mouse); will render mouse related callback events.

Executing various operations that have earlier done with the help of mouse interaction For Eg

Transformation->Scaling with the help of mouse.


Callback Handle Functions in OpenGL

Demonstration of keyboard and mouse callback function which performs activity accordingly.

These are similar event handling function as we have seen in java programming. We will discuss all types of callback handle functions.


Blinking Polygon in OpenGL

Explanation about the object we are using in blink process and also describing its suitability to the process.

Describing with the more application the use of various functions used in the blink of object process.

Taking to each and every line of the code and explaining its advantages and its disadvantages and also discussing why it is being used.


Shading in OpenGL

Introduction to various shading methods. Demonstration between per vertex and per fragment shading.

Detail discussion about the polygonal shading and its types which are flat,smooth and Gouraud.

Description of various state based shading functions.

Discussion of other various functions which are used in the development of the openGL program of the shading.


Line Clipping Algorithm Cohen Sutherland in OpenGL

Explanation of the algorithm with an object(rectangle, circle, square etc) keeping in consideration.

This algorithm does not contain any glut method so main focus will be on the algorithm discussed and then converting the algorithm to its coding.

Various application of the same with examples will be explained.


Transformation-Zooming and Planning Based OpenGL Project Ideas

Discussion about generation of fragments during rasterisation of pixmaps is controlled by

glPixelZoom function which is responsible for the process zooming.

Also detail study on the affect of the function glPixelZoom on other image mapping functions like glDrawPixels and glCopyPixels and also seeing its no affect on other image functions.


Application of Transformation-Animation

A detail description about the application of animation in openGL with examples.Use of various glut built function in the development of openGL program of it.

A very new bunch of functions will be described here for eg timerFunctions

Various glut functions related to the time functions for example glutTimerFunc() will be discussed with the complete syntax.


MidPoint Circle Algorithm

Discussing about the algorithm with drawing a circle and figure explaing the theoritical part of coding.

Discussing each section in detail for example we actually need 8 section to get a complete circle algorithm

Types description about the circle for example either there 8 or 4 division algorithm based circle development.



The desired portion where the two projection parallel and perspective can be such used which maintains the view angle and visual limits(how far or how near we can see).

The desired portion is called view volume which is geometrically frustrum

Description of various function used in the development of frustum and various application of using this frustum.


Types of Coordinates(Object Space and World Space)

Description in detail about each and every cordinate system explained here and also proposal of examples with them so that better understanding and relation of the topic with the example can be done.

Drawing an object with respect to both object and world space cordinate and the object will be different for both the cordinate system.

Explaination of various function used while the development of the openGL program for the same.


Types of cordinates(Camera Space also [Eye Space or View Space] and Screen Space or Clip Space)

Description in detail about each and every cordinate system explained here and also proposal of examples with them so that better understanding and relation of the topic with the example can be done.

Drawing an object with respect to both object and world space cordinate and the object will be different for both the cordinate system.

Explaination of various function used while the development of the openGL program for the same.


A Paint Program

A Project including lots of drawing making and also available in colors to select.Mouse is used to draw various structures on the screen

Quit button is also included to exit the program. You can also save your last modification and can open it again whenver you wanted.


Simple Bouncing Ball OpenGL Project Idea

This is project that includes a filled circle which keeps bouncing inside the screen and it also includes other objects for bouncing. For example a triangle can also be used for bounce.

Keyboard interaction can be used to increase the bounce hight once it hits the ground.


Animation using Idle Function

Idle Functions include animation with timer based for example if you wanted to rotate a triangle every five seconds then you can use idle function for this process.

One more advantage is that it perform background processing or say continuous animation even when the window system events are not being supplied/provided.


Cloth Simulation in OpenGL

This project includes a sphere and a plane used as a cloth which is passed over the sphere while touching it shows a cool rendering.

This is very difficult project but very interesting because it includes various library function and also various viewports so that every possible camera angle can be seen with the mouse interaction.

Rubic Cube Rotation in OpenGL

This project includes the rotation of whole cube as well as each part of the cube as in the realistic world.Colors are given to each sub cube of rubik cube

The general glut object we will be using here is cube and primitive data type used will be GL_CUBE.

OpenGL Project Ideas For Final Year Students

OpenGL Traffic Signal Project

This project implements the use of basic traffic light signal. There is a car when the signal goes green then only it is allowed to pass otherwise not.

Keyboard interaction is used for the movement and as well as the speed of the car

During the Red light even speeding the car wont move it because it’s the logic behind traffic signal.


IPV4/IPV6 Representation in OpenGL

An animated IPV4 representation of the normal ip address is shown where digits are placed inside a square formed list showing bits of ip address.

Demonstrating the allowed bits for using the IPV4 connections.

A Simple LAN WAN Demo

This project deals with networking which describes the basic LAN and WAN interactive animation specifying the connection between different computers within network.

Simple logic behind the problem is also explained.

Lines, polygons and circles are used for the demonstration.


A Simple Clock in OpenGL

This project explains the simple working of a clock and using the fonts size and string in openGL effectively.

There will be 2D circle with different 12 marking describing the hour and three simple lines describing the movement of arrows.


Flying Ball in OpenGL

This projects deals with the interesting part called suspension. The ball get suspended in air due to the flow of air at the bottom due to rotation of fan.

Speed of fan is monitored with the keyboard.Boundary is also specified and there is also an option to stop rotating the fan.


Solar System in OpenGL

This project includes movement of textured spheres on different specified paths separated to each other as sun at the center.

The animation will be default set enabled and with the help of user feed through keyboard can disable the planet(sphere) movement around the sun.

Check OpenGL Solar System Simulation

Objects used here are spheres circular path(line)


Simple Move Light in OpenGl

This project deals with keyboard interacted movement of light with different view projection.

Keyboard is used for controlling the movement of light in either direction left or right.

Menu is also provided for changing the intensity of falling light with mouse interaction.


Tower of Hanoi in OpenGL

Discussion about the algorithm of moving all the rings from one tower to the end tower while using the intermediate towers.

Various rules are included along like moving only one ring at a time is allowed also no bigger disk will be placed on smaller disk.

The whole project is projected in different viewing modes.


Constructive Solid Geometry using openGL

Project deals with basic 3D objects and their 3D transformation along with the concept of creating menu item and event management on the objects as user clicks on the items.

Projects uses different angle of rotation for different objects as described or as selected by the user from the menu handled by the mouse interaction.

Structures used here are cone,sphere,3D triangle etc.


Windmill in OpenGl

This project consists of a windmill demonstration with a rotating turbine on the top and a cone shaped 3D object connected to it.

Speed of the rotor will be monitored by the scroll of the mouse or by keyboard.Background texture will be provided for the better view with menu system based.


Steam Engine in OpenGL

This project is a mechanical project which deals with the working of a steam engine.

All the component are made in 3D

Various effects like shading,animation,texture,animation,transparency etc are given for the realistic view of the object.

Keyboard interaction for monitoring the motion or say speed of the rotating motor


Helicopter in OpenGL

This project consists of rotating rotor on top and other 3D design of the helicopter

Keyboard interaction is provided for the movement of the helicopter up and down left or right.

Speed of the helicopter is also monitored with the help of keyboard keys from 0 to 3 where 3 being the top speed of the rotating rotor.


Animated Robot

Various polygons will be required to draw different parts of robots like squares, rectangles,triangles etc.Using these all above with great precision and providing user interaction is very much imp. OpenGL Animated Robot.

Keyboard interaction is there to move arms and legs of the robot and mouse interaction is used to move the robotic in motion and changing the view.


Olympics Logo

This project consists of simple five rings with overlapping on each other with different color combinations.

Glut function of openGL are used to create list of rings.Both 2D and 3D version of the project is developed.


Phases of Moon

This project shows the different phase of the moon as seen from the earth

Various glut functions are used to show the conformational changes in the moon during the process.

Mouse and keyboard interaction are also used to show the  zooming in and out of the moon.


Drawing Fishes

This project is used for showing the use of bitmaps functions of openGL

This consists of drawing 20 fishes in different color.

Movement of the fish in the tank will be random and all the 20 fish will be instance of bitmaps and for simplicity no mouse or keyboard interaction is given.


Ludo Game

This project in start consists of menu for entering the username for the game.

And a cube is used as dice that will be rolled and our chance will monitor the position of the player.

Its simple and best for two players.

In the side screen help menu is given for the help during playing game.


Racing Car in Racing Track

This project is a primitive animation based racing car running on a track whose width is user feeded and its speed is also user controlled.

Keyboard interaction up down key is used for speed changing of car.Color of the car can be changed.


Tetris Game

This project is a game in which random colored block fall from the top of the screen and using keyboard interaction we have to place them in already falled on top of similar blocks.

Keyboard Up,Down,Left,Right key are used for the movement of the falling block.

Mouse interaction is used in changing the angle of the falling block.


Rocket Launching

This project consists of a rocket which is also joined with different 2D components objects.

This project is animation with timer function which will be downcountered and as it hits zero the rocket will be launched, the time is user feeded.

Keyboard interaction for user value feed is used.


Worms Movement

This project consists of two parts in first part many several worms will be projected and then they start to move.

And second a big snake comes to picture and eats them and starts growing

Its similar to the snake game part but the earlier part is extended.

Keyboard interaction is given for the movement of the snake and mouse interaction is used as click for first time drop of worms.


Bridge Making

This project demonstrate the making of bridge will be animated and will be made one by one component.

Use of rectangle demonstrating the track of the bridge and lines for the wire connecting the parts for bridge. Color is different for every part of the bridge so that a realistic view can be plotted.


Animation Wind Energy

The project consists of various 3D objects like houses and tower along with the main componet that is wind mill.

The flow of the air flow can be varied with the help of both mouse and keyboard.(Wind Flow or No Wind Flow )

When the electricity will be produced through the wind mill the houses will be lightened.The blades of the wind mill also have option to rotate in either direction clockwise or anti clockwise.


Taj Mahal

This project consists of different 3D objects to make one complete structure for example spehre, cylinder, cone etc.

Color of the taj mahal will be user controlled through keyboard interaction which will change by left and right key of keyboard.

A wireframe version of the same can be seen through the mouse interaction.


Simple Light with Keyboard Interaction

This project demonstrate the lightning concept of openGL where the keyboard interaction monitors the lightning intensity with left and right key.

A menu is also provided for the user preferred color falling and also for the intensity of the light falling.

Glut function used in this project will be used for example glutenable and glutdisable for enablling and disabling the lightining effect.


Spot Light

This project deals with the lighting concept of glut functions which will be dealing with falling of light on any object.

A menu will be provided for the selection of the object with the mouse interaction.The movement of the lightining on the object will be controlled by the keyboard.


Sinking Ship

This project demonstrate the sinking of a 2D ship which will be first floating on the water and while on way it hits a iceberg while moving and sinks in water and finally disappers.

The control of ship movement is done with the keyboard with left and right key and it depends on user when  he wants to sink ship.


Pacman Game

This project is a game of ¾ circle gaining score while traversing path while not touching the oppenent team.Score counting is done to know the perfection while keep playing.

This project can also be made in 3D but here it is made in 2D which describes the basic and in further projects we will be discussing the 3D pacman game

Keyboard interaction is used for the movement of the pacman.


Racer Game

This project demonstrate about a car racing game which will be including a keyboard monitored car on a track which will also include several other cars.

One nice point about it is traffic level controll, this project gives us the right of selecting the traffic level we wanted to select for eg there are three levels of traffic.

Rules of game are very simple, your game overs once you hit the other car and your score is calculated.


Dinosour 3D View

This project consists of a 3D dinosaur which will be colored changeable with the help of menu bar and also will be zoom enabled which will be monitored with the help of mouse scroll.

The project also includes the different projection so that view can be seen in different different camera angles.

Various glut function regarding making of 3D dino will be given for example glutDino.


3D Car with and without Road

This project includes a cool and primitive animation of the car on the road. The car here is 3D which gives it extra visibility and attractiveness.

One more point here is that this project also includes the changing of the background with the help of a menu which selects different background.

Mouse interaction here is used for the selection of the background as well as for the zooming in and zooming out from the picture to see close and far view of the car while moving.


Brick Breaker Game

This project includes several polygonic bricks at the top of the screen and at the bottom a pixel firing brick is placed and as soon as the pixel is hit on the brick at the top that particular brick gets diminished.Score Board is also maintained in order to see the level.

Mouse and keyboard interaction is given for the movement of the brick at the bottom and key 0 is used for the firing the pixel as well as the click of the mouse.


Simulation of Dam

This project include the animation of the dam construction made with help of glut functions like using polygons lines and the flow of water with the use of filled polygons.

A very innovative keyboard interaction is given on the gate of the dam when it closed and open with the help of keyboard.

The up and down key of the keyboard is used for the closing and opening of the gate of the dam.

Demo RSTP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) Networking

Graphics Editor

Also called as paint.

Menu function will be used which will decide various configuration of drawing objects.

Mouse interaction will be mainly used.

This projects include simple drawing with sets of brushes and also colored lines.

Save options will be provided so that user can save his/her work and can open whenever he/she wants to modify his design.


Adding Menu to openGL Projects

This project is very important in aspects of developing a  menu based games or any event handled changes in the object.

In this project glut’s glutCreateMenu function will be used and this will be explained

Also it will be used in creating submenus.


Implementation of path finding game

The main aim of this game is to find a perfect path from the maze path to other end with the help of movement of single point. It is developed here in 2D but it can also be developed in 3D.

Keyboard interaction helps in moving the point to the back and forth following the path to the finish point.


Chess Board Game in OpenGL

This project deals with the pattern making with using list and rectangles of glut functions.

Glut GL_QUAD function is used for making squares.

There will be a 9X9 matrix each containing alternative black and white color.

Projection matrix will be varied so that different angle can be set for different viewing.

Check OpenGL Chess Board Game


Snake Game in OpenGL

Rules of the game are simple a polygon representing a snake feed on mouse with each feed the length of the snake gets larger which increased score.

Keyboard interaction is used for the movement of the snake. For difficulties blocks are introduced so when snake hits them you lose.The game contains three exciting levels.


Edge Game

This project demonstrate a point taking it to the finish line through a zig zag path which is made by polygon using glut functions

Keyboard interaction is used to monitor the movement of the point.Various levels are also provided so that interest is made within the game.

Up gradation is also available for eg once you clear the level1 you are promoted to next level.


Mancala Game

This game is also called count and capture game.Keyboard interaction is used for monitoring.(Up and Down Keys)

Rules for the game will be explained in detail.


Gear Motion

This project is mechanical field related where a 3D Gear motion is demonstrated

Mouse interaction will be used for speeding up or down the motion animation

Keyboard keys will be used for the exit from the program.


Draw Crab Pong Game

This project is based on the simple idea of the OpenGL ping pong game where the normal bats are replace by crab they can also be replaced by other objects.

Peripheral interaction will be seen very precise because this is game where the mouse controlling sensitivity should be better.

Rules of the game will also be explained.


Whirlpool of Colors

Making combination of colors which actually forms a whirlpool.

Various glut functions of motion of openGL are used to stimulate the motionary colors to form a whirlpool.

The keyboard and also mouse interaction have been included so that the movement of the colors can also be altered.


Sierpinski Gasket in Tetrahedron

This project includes the drawing basic structure of tetrahedron and then dividation or subdividing the tetrahedron into object to form a 3D sierpinski.

Detail description about the algorithm used in this project.


Animation of Moving Bus

Animation of this project will includes a bus which stops at bus stop and picks up a girl and moves her to college.

There will be a description about the track and color combination of the bus and varioius function of bitmaps of glut will be used.


Liang- Barsky Parametric Line Clipping

This project is based on the clipping of line algorithm which tells that the part of the line coming/found inside a particular region will be kept and all the other non region belonging part will be removed from the line part

Algorithm of the program will be explained with appropriate figures and also regions will be explained.


Scanline Area Filling Algorithm

This project deals with the filling algorithm for any 2D object using scanline area filling method.

First the algorithm will be explained for example a vertex will be drawn only if it belongs inside the area and likewise each and every pixel inside the area will have colored pixel which at the end will be seen like its filled


Font sheet program

This project will mainly includes the various ways of displaying Fonts in openGL.

This will also includes the complete explaination of various glut Fonts functions and reasons behind using them.

The program code of this project includes various different different view associated with it for eg. Matrix Mode.


Tic Tac Toe Game

This project deals with the simple game which includes a square matrix of 3X3 where each player(user) (computer) is allowed once to put either cross and zero.

Making a continuous sequence the player wins.

The Cross and Zeros are simpally made using cylinders and tours.

Arrays are maintained for keeping track of the variables.

Peripheral interaction are used for click and playing our chance.


Displaying Time in openGL

This project will demonstrate how to have timer.

Discussing about various glut library functions provided by openGL.

The library function is glutTimerFunc which is required to be called to have timer displayed.

So finally will talk about the defining and declaring a function with myTimerFunction which will be used in calling the other timerfunctions.


3D Line Shaped Objects

This project includes the discussion about using simple line drawing different 3D Objects.

The combinations of the simple lines to objects will be talked For eg project will mainly deals with drawing sphere, cube, cone etc with use of line.

Motion is also included in this project so that visualization is better understandable.


Bellmam Ford Algorithm

Discussion about the Bellman Ford Algorithm which is finding the shortest distance between two nodes described calculating the minimum cost

GL_LINES function of glut library is used to setup a network of connection between various nodes in the system.

Keyboard and Mouse interaction have also been included For Eg while clicking on a node from where the shortest distance is to be measured.


Escapa A Brain Game

Mainly deals with mind abilities combines like concentration, math ability and short term memory

Description about the game is simple there will be black walls,blue obstacles and a red small square.

Main aim is to avoid tackling of red and blues box while the red box will be user controlled and the blue boxes will be computer controlled.



This project uses openGL feedback, stencils and tessalation support.

It poses shadow of different objects selected over the walls. The viewport will be used here will be normal display

Movement of lights and objects will be there like swing in lights and spinning of objects



This project is on paper folding problems. Many trigonometric functions have been used to make bending of shapes to make it look like plane.and also various color have been used.

Animation is present and glutVisibilityFunc is used for static or animation turns.


Fluid Filtration

As the name describes the project will focus on the water and other fluid filtration process.

A container box will be made and with the use of various polygons the filtration tubes will be made and animation will be there  for the visualizing the water filtration process.

Mouse interaction will be present which will allow the movement of water inside the tubes.


Rigid body Transformation

This project is the most important part of openGL projectsThis includes the general 3D transformation of various 3D objects like Cube and so other

The operation it includes will be rotation scaling and translation.Menu will be used for selecting various objects and color of the objects.


Dynamic Sorting Visualizer

As the name suggests this project will include some of the sorting problems in dynamic programming and will be visualized motionary.

Animation will be present and first the objects will be in unsorted manner and the next time they will be arranged.

Logic behind the sorting algorithm will also be explained.


Stars Multiple Instance

This program will be used to demonstrate the use of display lists : loads a list and then after calls its own instance many times

Here for the explaination star object will be used.

Mouse interaction is used to for speeding and slowing of animation speed

Keyboard interaction is also used for the same.


String Displaying Mini Project

Discussion about string and how it will be displayed on the screen

Keyboard and Mouse interaction included which will determine the zooming and level of the screen.

Displaying of different strings on different location on the screen.

Discussion about the string displaying functions.


Bucket Sort

This project will be user input based through which the user will enter the numbers and they will be stored in inputArray and then algorithm will be applied on the same and the result will be outputed on the screen

Keyboard interaction is used for entering the inputArray.


3D Zoo

This project will include different 3D objects which are dinosours birds with 3D gesture and surrounding walls.

Also shows the animation in the 3D objects above described.This projects also explains the keyboard and mouse interaction to see move around the zoo.


Particle Drop on Sphere

This project is about dropping a very large number of particles on a ball of sphere.

Keyboard and Mouse interaction is provided for the motion movement of the particles falling on to the sphere and also the rotation of the sphere is maintained using keyboard interaction.


Selective Repeat ARQ

This project is related to the networking field which describes the relation of the packet transfer between two computers in the same network.

A very good visualization is shown for the data packet transfer with the method also explaining the selective repeat process.



Description about the most interesting part of the inbuilt library of the openGL.

Draw dinosaurs with the inbuilt library

A Very good use of lightining is done and various peripheral interaction are present for the user feeded monitoration.


Shadow Cube with fog

Description about making shadow cube and also with fog which also modifies the available shadow.

Keyboard and Mouse interaction are provided which monitors the motion of the cube along with that there is also a patterned wall behind the object which gives realistic look to process.


Nuclear Power Plant

Explains the working of the nuclear power plant

The parts of the system includes various polygons and also animation for the liquid flow and motionary internal reaction can also be seen.


Random Flowing Lines

Can be used as a screen saver consists of various lines in random fashion which are having different different colors in the lines.

Availability of Full Screen Mode so that the visualization can be used as a screen saver.


Triangular Animation

This project demonstration the animation in the triangle which have properties of changing their colors and their sizes while they are in motion.

Keyboard and Mouse interaction are used for changing the conformational and monitoring the motion of all the triangles in animation.


Sphere Coloration

This project deals with the modification in the size and shape of the sphere

Also deals with the coloration of the sphere

Menu and Submenus are used for changing the size and color of user choice.

For attaining this both keyboard and mouse interaction are used.


Ship Screen Saver

Demonstration of ship floating in water

Animation is precisely used for only required part for example the when there is movement in the water then there is also movement in the boat.

Peripheral interaction provided for moving boat forward and backward.Whereas mouse interaction is used to stir the water.or make water motion.


Moving Rings

Demonstrate small ring inside a big ring and both are provided fade out transition or animation

Mouse interaction is also provided for zooming in or zooming out.

This project demonstrate the basic use of lists and translation library function.Uses material function for the better look in the project.



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